Add those extra layers.

3 style tips from our stylists

Spring is the perfect time for being creative and trying new shapes, colours or trends. So don’t be scared of mixing textures, lengths or styles in the new season. 


The shirt dress for example became a must for any wardrobe, it’s your much needed layering essential, as it goes with everything and there are so many ways to wear it.

To help you avoid wearing the same clothing combinations all season, we're sharing fresh wardrobe ideas to keep you stylish and chic.

Style Tip N°1

Wear the black shirt dress from Victoria Beckham over flared pants/jeans, add a blazer and a waist belt to define your body shapes.

Style Tip N°2

For an effortless look, mix the same shirt dress with a long oversized shirt from Celine to create those perfect structured layers.

Style Tip N°3

Be creative and mix the green dress from Stella McCartney with the multicoloured striped shirt from Sonia Rykiel. Here you’re free to play with the shapes according to your silhouette. 

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